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2017 News!

The 2017 details for this year's Spirit of Discovery are being finalised and it promises to be a real adventure.

We are now firming up arrangements for this year’s Spirit of Discovery and can reveal that this year's exciting event will be taking place 27th-29th June 2017. We are asking for greater engagement from our schools both in the selection process and supporting events. With the build up towards Mayflower 2020 we intend to have a a nautical team building adventure day and this year's event is culminating in an epic sea trip and castaway island experience!

Castaway Island

Children will need to understand the event includes a sea journey (2 hours) and an island stay of 2 nights (there will be no early re-patriation opportunities due to ferry services), lots of outdoor activities, including bush-craft and an element of self-sufficiency. All participants, including adults, must bring a (teddy) bear!

Contact admin@plpcic.co.uk if you have any questions.

New Selection Process for 2017

This year we have a new selection process. To ensure we have inclusively considered all potential applicants schools have been requested to submit suitable candidates, based on the 3 criteria, that then go through a 2 stage selection process. The final stage is a simple draw selecting 25 pupils to participate in the event. Selected Pupils are then ivited to upload work onto the website.

Uploading to the website

Successful candidates will be given log on information to give them access onto the site. Please don't attempt to register or upload unless invited. During and after the event, information and photos will be posted to keep schools, familes and friends updated.

Those pupils successful in being selected through the new process will be given access to the website and invited to post work through April 2017. 


We are delighted to announced that this year we are being sponsored by Westcare Supplies. Many thanks! 

2016 Event Report

by David Maddison PLP CEO

This year’s Spirit of Discovery event was aimed at being as inclusive as possible, with an aim to increase participation and remain within the budget set out in January. Children logged on, submitted their work and went through the selection process. Twenty-five Year 5 children were selected and in the end 24 children took part in the actual event.

The children deserve great credit on how they conducted themselves and how well, after only a short time, related to each other. Without exception they represented their own schools very well.

At this point we would like to say a huge THANK YOU to: CATERed (Julie and Jason), Morice Town Primary School and Oliver Marner at Sconner Down Farm, for their contribution to this year’s event though their respective provision of food, equipment, and a camp site and to those schools who offered support and help.

Thank you also to the activity providers - The Marine Biological Association / Marine Conservation Society, Pengelly’s Fishmonger in Looe, The National Trust at Lanhydrock (Sam Hopwood), Beach Schools South West (Ali Murray) and Horizons Sailing (Jon Worcester), Bay View Farm and Maker Heights Camp and by no means least to Alan the ever accommodating bus driver from Williams Travel.


Integral to the event was connecting the ‘physical me’, ‘thinking me’ and ‘creative me’ themes with the activity learning. To that end, participants undertook a daily learning log. This was an opportunity to reflect on the day’s activities and consider how they impacted upon the overall theme of ‘environmental sustainability’ and begin considering their own impact upon the environment.

The camping venues offered a varied location ranging from the sea to forests (two of the daily themes). This allowed a closer examination of weather, habitat and wild life which varied greatly. The activities chosen were designed to provide a varied response to how transport impacts of the environment. Chosen modes of transport ranged from rail to walking and these certainly allowed us to exploit some of the fantastic coast and countryside locations available in South East Cornwall. Other methods of transport used were bus, sailing and cycling which certainly tested the children physically! Of note was the change in confidence and skill displayed by the children in respect of cycling which, when we did a team-building day in the Plym Valley, was decidedly ‘wobbly’. They did however manage an off-road forest trail, albeit with some acquiring a few bumps and grazes but gaining an enormous sense of achievement.

And, of course, no camping expedition would be complete without a camp-fire to sing around.

Finally, a massive thank you and well done to Simon Young and Christina Adlington of PLP, Dr Jim Rogers of the Teaching School (PTSA), Rhianna Roper of Weston Mill and James Donnellon, Jennifer Reeley and Charlotte Burn of Supply Plus.

Until next time...

"You have brains in your head.

You have feet in your shoes.

You can steer yourself any direction you choose.

You're on your own.

And you know what you know.

And you are the guy (or girl)

Who'll decide where you go." -- Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You'll Go!


Both challenging and rewarding, the event focused upon the themes of: ‘Creative Me’; ‘Thinking Me’ and ‘Physical Me’ with the overall theme being around environmental sustainability.

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