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This is an annual competition for year 5 pupils and consists of three strands, Creative Me, Thinking Me, and Physical Me. The successful pupils will form part of the final team which will leave our shores on a voyage of discovery for a week long expedition to Plymouth in Massachusetts, USA. You could become our City Ambassadors and will be praised and acknowledged for your efforts. You can be the role models for those that follow behind you. Let the discovery begin!

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I've drawn a picture of creation. It shows the creation of hope, inventions and experiments, creativity, living creatures, our planet and much more. There are some things that may go unnoticed, but this will widen your thoughts and imagination. I've drawn an eye to show how humans discovered our planet and how we've developed over the years. In my picture, I've included hope because I think it's a very important part of life. We need hope in our lives to make us feel confident and achieve what we want to. I've drawn a beam of light around the praying figure to show that there's hope when he needs it. In my picture, I've also included cogs. I've drawn cogs to represent human's thoughts and opinions. As one turns, another turns and that's how we can remember things and have memories and experiences. The girl depicts creativity. Without creativity, we wouldn't have our individual personalities. We have creativity in art too. People can express their feelings and ideas in art and drama. I've also drawn a blossoming flower to represent beginnings and how we've grown over time. There is rain in the background to show that there are rainy days but we stay strong and don't let that get to us which are lots of different parts of creation. We bloom and develop just like a flower and we grow from just a tiny baby, to so much more. So the flower is to represent the creation and development of humans and how we've evolved.

by Katie (Award 30), age 10

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user comment lexie says: its really intresting it shows the life cycle of liife

user comment Katie says: Thank you for all the comments! I really appreciate every single one.

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