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This is an annual competition for year 5 pupils and consists of three strands, Creative Me, Thinking Me, and Physical Me. The successful pupils will form part of the final team which will leave our shores on a voyage of discovery for a week long expedition to Plymouth in Massachusetts, USA. You could become our City Ambassadors and will be praised and acknowledged for your efforts. You can be the role models for those that follow behind you. Let the discovery begin!

On 8th September 2014, the Spirit of Discovery will be reopening for submissions to have the chance for 10 children to go to the Arctic!

Submission of the month

I love the spirit of discovery

To earn points you
Have to comment and submit
Even though I've posted a lot it only seems like a bit

So keep on posting
Put your creative, thinking, physical minds to work go out and explore
In the office is my laptop where I can go on this wonderful website
Ride your bike, paint a picture or volunteer at a home and talk about it
I love the spirit of discovery so so much
To stop posting wouldn't be right

On the spirit of discovery 24/7
For a chance to go to America

Dance hasn't got anything in it yet so jazz your way to Massachusetts
I love the spirit of discovery so so much
Speak in thinking me or win a
Certificate in physical
Only just don't do them do all of them
Volleyball in physical me that's where it would go
Endurance the story would be in creative me
Respect assembly would be in thinking me
Yay for the spirit of discovery I love it so so much
By Maisie frickleton

by Maisie (Award 791), age 10

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user comment Nathan says: That's a brilliant poem Maisie!

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Latest News

Wednesday 23rd Jul 14

Happy to know that the families are starting to get their children's passports & VISAs ready for the trip to Plymouth Massachusetts! #USA

Tuesday 22nd Jul 14

Great meeting with the finalists parents, they are all very pleased! Now time to apply for passports and visas! #exciting #Spirit

Monday 21st Jul 14

Meeting with the final 8s parents/guardians this evening to discuss the trip to Plymouth Massachusetts. Exciting! #expedition