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Congratulations to the 25 selected children - well done!

This year’s exciting Spirit of Discovery event will run the week beginning 4th July 2016. The location chosen for the event is beautiful South East Cornwall.

Pupils will depart from Plymouth Train Station on the morning of Monday 4th July and their journey of discovery will return them by sail boat in the afternoon of Thursday 7th July. 

Both challenging and rewarding, the event will focus upon the themes of: ‘Creative Me’; ‘Thinking Me’ and ‘Physical Me’ with the overall theme being around environmental sustainability.

The programme of locations and activities is currently being finalised and will include a programme of introductions and team building that will take place through May and June.

Participants will be expected to be environmentally self-sufficient throughout, this includes travelling from location to location either on foot, by bicycle or using wind power. Of course, ‘the challenge lies within’...

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