The Spirit of Discovery is about you capturing and sharing your work and showing your pride in; who you are, what you do and where you live.

Throughout your journey you need to gather evidence within a personal portfolio. This should reflect the overall theme of Plymouth’s Heritage and a sense of pride in the city. It should also show how you have addressed the following values of The Spirit of Discovery.

1. Self Challenge :

  • Aspiration (wanting to do better),
  • Perspiration (working hard),
  • Curiosity (wanting to know more),
  • Courage (having a go)

2. Independence / original thought :

  • Autonomy (independence),
  • Discovery (as ‘voyage’ or ‘self’)

3. Thinking of Others :

  • Connect with community (getting out there),
  • Compassion (caring for others)

What is Creative Me?

The guiding theme for this strand is to explore what the Arts look like and what the Arts can do. What stories can you tell through your work? How can your work help other people? How does your work make other people feel and think? In your portfolio, mention how you have used new materials, processes and techniques, the challenges you have found and how you have shared your skills with others in the community.

Your art experiences can be school led but there are also many art events and opportunities taking place in your city that you (and your school) can get involved in.

Theatre Royal Plymouth
Contact: Fran King
Telephone: 01752 230312

Young Motion Plymouth
Contact: Simon Wainwright
Telephone: 01752 307550

Plymouth College of Art – Young Arts Club
Telephone: 01752 203434

What is Thinking Me?

This strand is about your ideas and how you communicate and present them. We’re looking for ideas and proposals that show how you’ve identified a problem and found a possible solution. We want to see how your ideas can contribute to have a wider impact on your friends, family, school, wider community, Plymouth and beyond.

It could be an idea that tackles an existing issue in a new way or it could be something completely new. An example could be a sketch or outline for the design of a new space in your community.

The submissions to your portfolio don’t need to be finished solutions, but they do need to be well communicated ideas that could be easily explained or presented to others.

You can demonstrate and evidence work for this strand in the following ways:

Representing - This is about how you represent the views of yourself and others and can include being a member of your school council; the City Youth Council or HMS Heroes Service children’s group. It can also include representing your school or a group you are part of at a community or City/Civic event.

Presenting - This is about how you communicate your ideas to others through public speaking, and sharing ideas with a wider group. You can use existing examples of PowerPoint presentations or talks you have done or you can create something entirely new.

Participating - This is about your contribution to clubs groups you belong to and the things you volunteer to do including faith groups, in-school clubs, to those across the community. It even includes volunteering to help at home!

Contact: Simon Wainwright
Telephone: 01752 307550

What is Physical Me?

This strand is about sports and all things physical and has three sections.

1. Personal Participation

Pupils outline what sporting activities they have participated in and this should include:

- Intra school events

- Inter school events including city wide Plymouth Schools events

- Outside school activities

2. Volunteering and Leadership

Again pupils like in section 1 should include evidence from both inside and outside school

3. How sport has presented me with a personal challenge

Evidence in the portfolio can be writing, photos, certificates, newspaper cuttings, video etc

Your sports experiences can be school led but there are many sports events and opportunities taking place in your city that you and your school can get involved in. See the events page for more details.

Plymouth School Sports Partnership
Contact: Anna Clooke – 07731 471023

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